The REturn of Classic Albert Wesker
By Yung Namahage • 6 days ago

The last time we saw him he was skinny dipping in a volcano, yet not even that's enough to stop the one-man viral saturation machine that is Albert Wesker.

Each of the live-action adaptations had wildly different takes on ol' Al and Umbrella Corps (awful game, avoid at all costs) hinted he may be alive in some form, but it's been a while since we saw the OG Wesker with the deeply menacing voice of DC Douglas he's had since 2007. Whether Capcom include him in the RE4make remains to be seen, but until then he'll be stalking some unlucky fuckers in Dead by Daylight.

Wesker is part of the second collab between RE and DBD, after the hulking Nemesis and survivors Leon & Jill. Joining him will he fan favorite RE girls Rebecca Chambers and Ada Wong as well a map based on RE2's Raccoon City Police Department. He uses Ourobouros tentacles from RE5 to track down his prey, and you can see The Mastermind in action in this new trailer.

Project W DLC comes to DBD this September. Will you have seven minutes to spare for this? Let us know below!