Sonic Frontiers Robot Enemy Has Fans Actin' Strange
By Yung Namahage • 2 weeks ago

I've already talked about the mixed reception Sonic Frontiers has had since its first gameplay reveal. Despite some fans calling for Sega to push the game's release back so they can polish it up a bit more like what Paramount did with the movie, Sonic Team's head Takashi Iizuka said there were no plans to delay the game. But if there's one thing the fans do agree on, it's that they want to fuck one of the game's enemies.

One of Sonic's new foes in the Starfall Islands is this boss known as Ninja, a robot with a cool angular design and floating bladed arms that look pretty different from what the series has seen up til now. It kinda reminds me of the awesome mech designs from Kojima's underrated Zone of Enders series, but others look at it and see a brand new waifu. 

I'm not sure if Ninja is a one-off boss fight or a recurring boss in the overworld a la the Night's Cavalry in Elden Ring, but what I do know is I prefer this type of Sonic R34 material than anything furry. Except for Rouge, maybe.

What do you think of Ninja? Smash or pass? Let us know below!