Netflix's Resident Evil Gets Itchy, Tasty Trailers
By Yung Namahage • 1 week ago

Paul W.S Anderson's Resident Evil saga was only patient zero when it comes to bad Resident Evil adaptations. Since then we've had a string of CG movies that weren't much more than overblown cutscenes, culminating with Netflix's Infinite Darkness . Then we had Welcome to Raccoon City, which was closer to the original games in spirit if nothing else, but still ultimately a mediocre zombie movie. Now Netflix have unleashed a pair of trailers for their live-action project upon the world like Umbrella releasing a new strain of zombie virus.

This new take on Resi from Supernatural producer Andrew Dabb is about Jade Wesker (played by Ella Balinska), daughter of Albert (Lance Reddick). Jade and her sister Billie grew up in New Raccoon City, South Africa, unaware of the role their father and a certain Umbrella Corporation he works for played in an outbreak of T-Virus. When shit hits the fan again in future London, Jade must face her family's past and find her long-lost sister.

The second trailer is a little more interesting. It seems when Umbrella aren't doing ethically questionable experiments they're creating antidepressants... that contain T-Virus. Look closely and you can see some familiar faces - the faithful zombie dogs, a licker and even the gravedigger worm from the original RE3.

I for one am (hesitantly) looking forward to this. I love Resi for its goofy dialogue and humor juxtaposed against horiffic monsters tearing the shit out of people, and this looks like it'll deliver on that front.  I mean, I'd take it over yet another Raccoon City outbreak anyday. I was skeptical of Reddick as Wesker at first but I have to admit he's got that evil monologue voice down pat, all he needs now are sunglasses and anime superpowers. 

What about you? Are you looking forward to seeing Netflix's take on Resident Evil? Sound off below!