Netflix Nerfs Rouge in Sonic Prime
By Yung Namahage • 11 months ago

Since 2001, countless people have gone over to the furry side thanks to Rouge. No other character in the Sonic franchise was the designed to have half the sexual energy she has. Even for me, I generally avoid furry art but have made an exception on several occasions if I found some sexy Rouge content. 

Rouge's most iconic feature is her huge bat boobs behind a heart-shaped breastplate, usually with her cleavage on display. Those tits alone make her distinct from any other Sonic character.

That's whar Rouge looks like in most of her appearances, but she's changed up her outfit in the latest Sonic series. In Netflix's Sonic Prime, most characters look identical to their game counterparts. But Rouge has traded her heart-shaped breastplate for a skintight catsuit (batsuit?) that flattens her bust and obscures her cleavage. Such a shame.

It does slightly resemble her outfit in Sonic Heroes, which didn't have the breastplate but did at least show off her breasts. And Sonic fans hate change more than anything, so you can imagine the amount of furries mad over their waifu being censored by the woke left or whatever they say. Maybe the Sonic fandom will force Netflix to delay the series and change her design to something more sexy, but I dount they'll give over on that front like Paramound did with movie Sonic.

What do you guys think? Are you a fan of Rouge's new look or na? Let us know below!