How a Marvel Meme Inspired the Most Explosive Sex Scene on TV
By Yung Namahage • 3 weeks ago

I've been writing about hentai and hentai-related products for over three years. By now I thought I'd seen it all: futa gangbangs, nipple penetration, scat doujins, you name it. Then I saw the latest season of The Boys, which started with a bang in the most literal way imaginable.

If you haven't seen it, The Boys is a show based on a comic about an eponymous CIA-backed black ops group whose job is to keep corrupt superheroes in line. It's much more R-rated than anything Marvel or DC have released on-screen in recent years, taking familiar superhero tropes and archetypes but subverting them with often gory results. For example, one of the most fucked up sex scenes in television history was inspired by a MCU fan theory.

An early sequence in episode 1 of season 3 has a few of The Boys turn up at a house party where a size-manipulating hero named Termite is in attendance. Termite is first shown in miniature form, fucking a Barbie doll in front of a cheering audience. Then he's back to normal size and brings his male lover to the bedroom. They do some coke and things get heated, then Termite shrinks himself down to microscopic size and... jumps into his partner's dickhole. He feels around his urethra for a few seconds on his way to the prostate and accidentally lets out a sneeze, which brings him back to normal size and rips the poor guy he was inside in half. 

You may be thinking "what the absolute fuck does this have to do with Marvel?" To answer that, you'll need to know about the Thanus Theory. After Infinity War, a viral meme posited that the only way for the Avengers to defeat Thanos for good was to send Ant Man up his butthole, where he can expand in size and tear Thanos a new one from the inside out. Of course, Disney would never let anything that graphic near their family-friendly superhero universe, so The Boys went ahead and did it for them. In an interview with Variety, showrunner Eric Kripke explained how the Ant Man fan theory led to Termite's dicksplosion:

“Craig Rosenberg wrote the script and deserves most of the blame for it. [...]These evolve in a writers’ room and the evolution of that sequence started with, ‘We need The Boys to fight a superhero.’ So then we ask, ‘What big superhero haven’t we done yet?’ Someone says, ‘We haven’t done Ant-Man.’ And then someone else says, ‘There’s that meme of Ant-Man climbing up Thanos’ butt and blowing him up. So we should do that. We should give the audience the thing that Marvel can’t give to them.’ Then someone else raises their hand, hilariously, and says, ‘Didn’t we already do an ass explosion?’ Which we did, in Season 1, with Translucent, which is hilarious.”

[...] “And so, once you take butts off the table, there’s really only so many orifices you can go in. And it was Craig who mounted that argument. He’s like, ‘Look, the mouth isn’t funny and the butt has been done.’ So we’re going to blaze some new trail through the eye of the needle, as it were. And it was so funny.”

Inspiration can come from the strangest of places, and it's good to see memes influencing TV writers in a way that isn't cringy beyond belief. I mean, this scene will probably make anyone cringe, but not in the same way as the entirety of Morbius. I'd take dudes getting torn in half from the dick over Jared Leto's smug face anyday.

Have you guys seen The Boys yet? What do you think of season 3 so far? How about that Termite scene? Sound off in the comments!