Genshin Impact to Patch Out Disgraced VA's Lines
By Yung Namahage • 3 months ago

There are times when an individual is so toxic or their reputation has tanked so much that the companies they work with drop them like an anvil to avoid any negative PR splashback, even if they're in a product that's already been released. We've seen it with Pierre Taki in Judgement, where his likeness and voice got patched out of the game and replaced with someone else's. Now we're seeing something similar in Genshin Impact.

Elliot Gindi, the English voice actor for Tighnari, was outed by moderators of his Twitch and Discord as sending inappropriate messages to his fans - some of whom were teenagers. Gindi has confirmed the validity of these messages in a statement, but denies knowing that some of the fans in question were underage.

Over 50 Genshin VAs publicly condemned Gindi, and developer MiHoYo responded by saying his work will be removed from the game due to a "breach of contract." They're currently planning to recast Tighnari and replace Gindi's voice lines with a different actor's in a future update.

Calling Gindi a celebrity would be a stretch, but it's a shame that having some kind of following, even in a fairly niche circle like the English-speaking fanbase of a Chinese anime game, is enough to get to certain people's heads and let them think they can get away with God knows what. Here's hoping he can fade back into obscurity and everyone else, especially the victims, can finally move on with their lives.

What do you guys think? Is MiHoYo making the right call by removing his work from the game? Leave your thoughts below!