Can Sonic Frontiers Save the Franchise?
By Yung Namahage • 3 weeks ago

While the Sonic movie adaptations so far have been good enough to garner a degree of mainstream success, the games haven't been so lucky. Sonic Team's last major title, Sonic Forces, was the last in a series of flops that failed to impress fans and critics alike. Their next big game, Sonic Frontiers, aims to win back the crowd by introducing open world gameplay to the series. 

When the gameplay reveal first dropped, fans immediately started drawing comparisons to Breath of the Wild for its tranquil green hills, while the robot enemies reminded some of Nier Automata. As a Sonic game, however, opinions were divided. The combat looked like it had more depth than what the series usually offers, but running rings around enemies to damage them the best they can come up with? It doesn't help that whoever is playing this demo isn't doing a great job at it.

Things looked a little better in the combat trailer, but most people couldn't help but think it looks like Sonic was dropped in a generic Unreal Engine 4 game. Some fans are even calling for Sonic Team to #DelaySonicFrontiers on Twitter, just like how they got Paramount to fix Sonic's design in the first movie. Either way, Sonic Frontiers is still in production and the gameplay shown so far was obviously recorded using unfinished builds of the game so no doubt it'll be in much better shape when it finally releases. Whether it's enough to give disappointed Sonic fans what they want remains to be seen.

Sonic Frontiers is out later this year for PS4, PS5, PC, Switch, Xbone and Series X|S. What do you think of what Sega have shown so far? Do you think it should be delayed? Let us know below!