Black Lagoon Girls Cross Over with Taimanin Asagi
By Yung Namahage • 2 weeks ago

What do Taimani Asagi and Black Lagoon have in common? Both are about girls who don't mind getting their hands dirty. Or other body parts, for that matter. But other than that, they're not the kind of series you'd expect to cross over. One's an action series about pirates and criminals that has plenty of lewd moments, the other's a straight-up hentai about demon-slaying ninja girls. Somehow the stars aligned, and I'm glad they did just because we got to see Revy in sexy kunoichi gear.

FYI that ain't Shenhua or Eda at the top row, just Taimanin characters in cosplay

Taimanin RPGX is a Japan-only gacha RPG-type game by Lilith set in the Taimanin Asagi universe. It's not accurate to call it a mobile game because it's too lewd for the big smartphone OS app stores, so it's mainly played on PC. The latest event is a crossover with Rei Hiroe's Black Lagoon, featuring Revy, Balalaika, and Roberta, each with multiple variations and their own artwork by a range of artists including Hiroe himself. You can see a few in this here video.

Apparently, the Black Lagoon girls won't be getting into any R-rated situations with ogres or the like in the RPG. Also you'll have to jump through hoops to play this game if you don't know Japanese. Still, at least we got some form of new Black Lagoon content out of it. And that means we're one step closer to the anime making a comeback. One can only hope.

Is this a crossover you could've seen coming, or does it come as a pleasant surprise to you also? Let us know below!